Best Startups in Qatar

Best Startups in Qatar

There are dozens of startup companies in Qatar, but we will list the most innovative and profitable startups. Here is what you need to know!

Best Startups in Qatar

Starting and running a startup business is pretty straightforward in Qatar. However, it still requires you to follow a step-by-step approach to streamline the entire process. Although this is a topic for another day, today’s article will focus on the best startups in Qatar for your inspiration. Read on!

Class Tap

Founded in 2020, Class Tap has headquarters in Doha, Qatar. The lifestyle company offers access to several studios and gyms with just one membership through its app. Users can engage in fitness activities such as boxing, yoga, Pilates, spinning, HIIT, etc. In addition to motivating users to lead healthier lifestyles, Classtap helps its partners reach new consumer segments and increase revenue.

Fi Technologies

Fi Technologies is one of the most innovative technology startups in Qatar, having won the Best ICT Startup category at the Qatar ICT Business Awards in 2014. It is a unique Wi-Fi platform that offers a network of free Wi-Fi hotspots in places such as parks, cafes, and clinics, allowing users to enjoy free internet without seeing ads.


Rimads, one of Qatar’s most promising startups, offers a mobile app that aims to redefine the healthcare ecosystem. The company’s mission is to transform the healthcare sector through technology, making it safer and more accessible.

Users can communicate with Avey, an AI-based medical buddy, to instantly and accurately assess their health status, and connect with the best doctors through Avey. Rimads can quickly deliver medications at the touch of a button.

Doha Delivery

Doha Delivery is your one-stop store for restaurants and delivery menus in Doha, Qatar. Users can order their favorite dishes from a wide variety of restaurants. In addition, users can order food with just two clicks from the app, and the staff will deliver the food to their doorstep. The app also allows users to discover new restaurants and try new dishes.

Cloud Clinic

Cloud Clinic allows physicians to manage patient medical records electronically as part of their practice management system. It includes tools for accessing medical histories, scheduling, and tracking appointments, sending referrals electronically, processing insurance claims and billing, and storing documents. It also has immunization and medication alerts, electronic prescriptions, dental records, and referrals.

Urban Point

The urban point offers discount vouchers and coupons for Qatar’s spas, restaurants, entertainment centers, and health clubs. It provides many offers and updates them monthly. It also holds monthly contests judged by users. The company has a website and mobile app that offers “buy one, get one free” coupons for users to save money.


Q-Cab is a mobile app that allows users to search and book caravans running in their area. In Qatar, the app has simplified hiring a cab because it works similarly to Uber, allowing passengers to search for and quickly find travelers near their location. It is one of the most innovative startups in Qatar.

Final Words

Startup companies and small businesses are the backbone of a country’s economy. In addition to giant corporations that deal in oil and gas, Qatar has many innovative startups that have transformed the country’s business ecosystem. Until Next Time!

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
  • Photos from Unsplash & canva.