Top 10 Entrepreneurs Jordan

Who are among the top ten entrepreneurs in Jordon? What companies do they own? What makes them famous? Learn the Details in this post!

The Jordanian government has made substantial efforts to create a favorable business environment for entrepreneurs. Several programs educate and encourage people to start and run successful businesses. Some of the most prominent entrepreneurs in Jordan are:

1. Hamdi Tabaa

Hamdi Tabaa is the epitome of entrepreneurship in Jordan. Tabaa owns Abwaab, an online platform that offers students practical, conceptual, and affordable lessons. The company aims to streamline the country’s educational curriculum via online media.

It provides students with premium-quality videos with high graphics and animations to learn basic concepts and optimize their studies. In addition, Abwaab, under the leadership of Hamdi Tabaa, has over 1,000 videos uploaded on the platform.

2. Fida Taher

Fida Taher is the founder and CEO of Atbaki, an online video recipe platform that has gained popularity throughout the Arab world. In addition to Atbaki, Taher launched an innovative, an award-winning company, in 2011. It is one of the most reputable recipe platforms used by more than two million people.

3. Nour Al-Hassan

Nour Al-Hassan is the founder and CEO of an online platform called Tarjama. It provides English-Arabic translation services to help people, including women, translate content from English to Arabic. The purpose is to help bilingual men and women working remotely.

Nour has made significant efforts to employ a team of qualified and experienced translation professionals and developed apps to help remote workers. Over 90% of people working remotely in Jordan use the company’s services.

4. Ola Doudin

Ola Doudin lost her job in 2014 due to a financial crisis or recession in 2008. However, she founded Bit Oasis, a successful startup company that offers wallet services across the Middle East.

The Wamda Capital funded the startup, and today, it provides services in Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia. Ola has creative skills and experience in cryptocurrencies, making her company the top service provider in the Middle East.

5. Mary Nazzal

The World Economic Forum selected Mary as a Young Global Leader in 2013. She is an inspiration for young Jordanian women and girls seeking careers in business and administration. Mary is the executive chairperson of 17 enterprises and ventures. She has also partnered with the UN to achieve sustainable goals.

6. Sima Najjar

Sima Najjar is an award-winning entrepreneur. She is the founder of Ekeif, a video platform that helps people in Jordan and other countries in the Middle East. Cartier awarded her the best woman entrepreneur in the Middle East. She also runs a modeling agency in Jordan. However, Ekeif has gained more popularity, with one million monthly online visitors.

7. Eman Hylooz

Eman Hylooz is a software developer and founder of the digital agency known as Abjjad that offers innovative services, including audio and e-books, to the Arab community across the Middle East. The online platform has over one million page views per month, making it the best digital educational platform in the Arab world.

8. Darine Al-Ashy

Darine Al-Ashy is the founder of a film and technology company and an inspiration for Arab women seeking careers in the film industry or direction. A Minute Marvel, a startup company that features success stories within a minute, has millions of fans across the Middle East. Al-Ashy creative skills, experience, and diligence are behind the success of this online platform.

9. Afnan Ali

Afnan Ali is an engineer, entrepreneur, and technology activist with years of experience in science and technology. Afnan is the founder of Eureka, a science firm and technology program specializing in children’s education.

However, the company follows an innovative approach to familiarize Jordanian children with engineering, innovation, science, and technology. The company also helps young individual transform their engineering ideas into practical products and services.

10. Zeina Kharouf

Zeina Kharouf is the founder and CEO of Tanda, a company that offers financial solutions to individuals and businesses. Zeina is the brilliant mind behind the success of Tanda, providing alternative banking products and services to help women streamline their finances and overcome obstacles. Tanda also approaches underserved women and helps them build financial literacy.

Final Words

Like other Middle Eastern countries, including the UAE, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia, Jordon has become a top spot for entrepreneurs, thanks to the government’s unique and business-friendly policies, allowing people to turn their ideas into lucrative startups, companies, and corporations. Until Next Time!

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
  • Photos from Unsplash & canva.