Top 10 Arab Businesswomen

Top 10 Arab Businesswomen

Who are among the top ten Arab businesswomen? What are their achievements? Check out this post to get the list and details! Read Here!

Top 10 Arab Businesswomen

Being a businesswoman offers numerous benefits, such as autonomy, freedom, a flexible schedule, constant development and growth, experiencing and overcoming challenges, building a brand reputation, and becoming an inspiration for young people. Here are the top ten businesswomen in the Arab World.

1. Lubna Helal

Lubna Helal is the deputy governor of the central bank in Egypt. Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, the country’s president, has appointed her to this position. Helal has made significant contributions to the Egyptian economy and made efforts to overcome high inflation. She is also the deputy chair of the Banking Institute.

2. Lubna S. Olayan

Lubna Olayan owns and operates more than forty companies in Saudi Arabia. She has made substantial efforts to break the gender barrier in the Arabian Peninsula. Olayan joined her father’s holding about 38 years ago. She is among the first Saudi women to hold executive positions.

3. Raja Easa Al Gurg

Raja has operated the most influential business empire known as the “Al Gurg Group.” It is one of the UAE’s oldest and most powerful organizations. The group operates more than 28 companies and has 370 multinational partners. It has shares in Siemens, British American Tobacco, and Unilever.

4. Fatima Al Jaber

Fatima Al Jaber is the UAE’s most influential businesswoman, operating a private construction firm with over $5 billion in assets. The company has more than 55,000 employees. Al Jaber Group has experienced development, growth, and prosperity since 2007 when Fatima joined the Al Jaber Group. She has worked on various projects, including the Abu Dhabi International Airport.

5. Sheikha Al Mayassa

Sheikha Al Mayassa is one of the youngest entrepreneurs and businesswomen in the Arab world. She is the sister of the Qatari Emir and the premier personality for promoting arts and culture in Qatar. She runs various companies with a net worth of more than $250 million.

6. Maha Al Ghunaim

Maha is co-founder of Global Investment House. She founded the company in 1998. In 2012, the firm became the best company and was added to the list of the London Stock Exchange. In addition, Ghunaim made substantial efforts to make the company profitable, increasing its net profits to $3.6 billion.

7. Nezha Hayat

Nezha Hayat is CEO of Moroccan Capital Market Authority. The company regulates Morocco’s financial markets, and Hayat has made substantial efforts to improve the company’s structure and organizational culture. She also serves on the board of a bank in the country. Thus, she is an inspirational entrepreneur and one of the best businesswomen in the Arab world.

8. Khawla al-Asadi

Khawla Al-Asadi became the general director of Rafi Dain Bank in 2016. She runs Iraq’s largest bank and has made significant efforts to make it a profitable financial institution in the Arab region. She has also occupied various top positions in the banking and financial sector.

9. Mona Almoayyed

Mona operates and maintains one of the oldest companies in Bahrain, with over 2,000 employees. She is the CEO of YK Almoayeed and Sons, a company founded by her father in 1940. The company represents over 300 brands in various industries, including luxury goods, construction, and automotive.

10. Sheikha Al Bahar

Sheikha Al Bahar has over 30 years of experience in the financial industry. She has extensive banking and economics knowledge and has helped various companies streamline their operations. She joined Kuwait’s National Bank in 1997 and became the institution’s CEO in 2014. She is an inspiration for young women seeking a career in the financial sector.

Final Words

Today, women in the Arab world are not behind the men and are equally participating in the race to build their reputations, achieve goals, and make their respective countries prosperous. Until Next Time!

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
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