Top 10 Arabic books to read

Top 10 Arabic books to read

What are the best Arabic books to read in 2022? What makes these books unique? What themes does each book touch? Read Details Here!

Top 10 Arabic books to read

The Arabic language has one of the best literary traditions and outstanding works in fiction and non-fiction books. There are over 400 million Arabic speakers worldwide, and the books produced in this language are unique, gorgeous, and literature-rich with exceptional grammar and eloquence. Today’s article will list the top ten Arabic language books. Read on!

1. The Days

The Days is one of the best novels that showcase the autobiography of Taha Hussein’s life. It tells the story of Hussein’s life from childhood when he used to live in a small Egyptian village to his educational journey in France. It is one of the best Arabic books, and people call it the “Dean of Arabic Literature.” The Book won over 14 nominees for Nobel Prize in Literature.

2. One Thousand and One Nights

One Thousand One Nights is another best book with a collection of tales and stories written in ARABIC. It includes stories written by authors from North Africa, Arabian Peninsula, and South Asia. The tales range from tragedies, comedies, poetries, and erotica, making it one of the most versatile books in Arabic.

3. The Return of the Spirit

The Return of the Spirit tells the story of a young Egyptian man and his family. It showcases the tragedies, turmoil, and challenges faced by the family during the 1919 Egyptian revolution. The thrilling stories based on actual events will keep you on the edge of your seat.

4. Men in the Sun

Men in the Sun tells the story of three Palestinian refugees. The story highlights the miseries and challenges experienced by these refugees in an Iraqi camp and their dreams to escape to Kuwait and find work/jobs in the oil companies. Ghassan Kanafani is the author of the Book. Although various English writers have translated the Book, the original version is parallel to none.

5. Cities of Salt

Cities of Salt is another best book to read. It tells the story of the Bedouin tribes of Wadi Al Uyoon in the unmade country, showcasing the lifestyle of people in the 1930s. It also speaks about how Americans discovered oil on their land and prevented them from leveraging the profits.

6. Season of Migration to the North

The Book showcases the history and story of the postcolonial Arabic world. Tayeb Salih, a Sudanese novelist, is the author of this Book. It is one of the masterpieces in Arabic literature and has won numerous awards. The Book also speaks about European colonialism in Sudan and the lifestyle and culture of people living under the oppression of European colonialism.

7. Beirut Blues

Beirut Blues is an Arabic language book with a collection of letters and stories that describe the life of Asmahan, a young Lebanese woman who struggled to defend her homeland during the civil war. It is a fascinating book showcasing this young woman’s courage and valiance.

8. The Yacoubian Building

The Yacoubian Building is another Arabic book discussing Egyptian society after the 1952 revolution. The novel describes the working class and poor district of downtown Cairo, showing colorful and enthusiastic characters and their relationships with the Building.

9. Azazel

Azazel is a book that showcases the life of Hypa, a monk in the fifth century AD. It highlights the lifestyles, traditions, and values of ancient and modern-day northern Syria, Alexandria, and upper Egypt. The Book won the international prize for the best fiction book in the Arabic language.

10. Celestial Bodies

Celestial won the International Man Booker Prize in 2019. The Arabic language book is a novel that shows the life of three sisters in Oman, Khawla, Asma, and Mayya. It focuses on various themes, including education, love, marriage, class, traditions, cultures, and values.

Final Words

Arabic is a universal language spoken in many countries. Arab writers have produced exceptional literary work, including fictional and non-fictional novels and stories throughout the centuries. However, these are the best books to read in the modern world. Until Next Time!

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