Top 10 inspiring Arab Artists

Top 10 inspiring Arab Artists

Who are among the most inspiring Arab artists? What achievements have they made? Check out this post for the essential details!

Top 10 inspiring Arab Artists

Art provides commentary about the Arab culture and makes people’s lives more enjoyable, tolerable, and manageable. There are hundreds of Arab artists. However, not all of them are inspiring and motivational for young people. Today’s article will list some of the most influential Arab artists. Read on!

1. Aisha Mershani

Aisha Mershani captures the daily lives of Palestinians living under the violence of the Israeli occupation, including popular demonstrations, military blockades, house demolitions, and destroyed villages. She is one of the most inspiring Arab Artists for young girls and women to stand for their rights.

2. Helen Zughaib

Helen Zughaib is a multimedia artist and painter. She uses the Middle Eastern background to design her paintings and artwork and showcase them in the western world. Helen lives in Washington DC and is famous for her ink and gouache on canvases and boards.

3. Huda Beydoun

Although Huda originally started in painting, her works include digital art, multimedia, photography, and mixed media. Huda is famous for her aesthetical and bold-style calligraphic paintings and artwork.

4. Ahmed Emad El-Din

El-Din is an Egyptian artist famous for his digital art and paintings. Pink Floyd’s 2014 album showcased Ahmed’s brilliant work. Ahmed started painting and art designs at 13, making him one of the best and self-taught artists in the Arab world.

5. Shurooq Amin

Amin is a media artist born to a Kuwaiti father and Syrian mother. Amin is famous for critically acclaimed exhibitions and feminist voices in the Arab world. Amin has made substantial efforts to combine paintings and photography and master the science of calligraphy.

6. Noha Bahr

Bahr is a pioneering Egyptian artist and visual painter who create digital artwork and beautiful sketches. Bahr creates quirky characters with a touch of classical paintings. She is famous for her children’s storybooks and comic illustrations.

7. Reem Nazir

Reem Nazir is one of the best artists in the Arab World. The Saudi-born Nazir is famous for jewelry paintings, landscapes, and still-life photography, showcasing Arabian art and culture. Nazir uses oil and acrylic paint to create energetic, enthusiastic, and aesthetically pleasing artworks.

8. Nourine Hammad

Nourine Hammad is a self-taught painter and artist famous for her hyper-realistic 3D art. Nourine focuses on painting for real objects and follows a unique approach to creating detailed artworks. She has won many awards for her brilliant artwork and paintings.

9. El Seed

El Seed is a Tunisian artist known for calligraphy, artwork, and painting. El Seed focuses on human rights and depicts feminism in artwork and digital calligraphy. El Seed won the UNESCO prize for his brilliant work promoting the Arab culture, values, and traditions.

10. Tammam Azzam

Tammam is a Syrian artist, painter, and graphic design expert. Azzam has expertise in digital media, visual art, and modern visualizations. In addition, he rose to fame in 2013 after winning several awards for his brilliant artwork and graffiti.

Final Words

Arabian artists have contributed to making the Arab world a better place. These artists use their creative skills through artwork and painting and artifacts and sculptures. Arab artists have earned a massive reputation for their creatively beautiful art pieces. Until Next Time!

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
  • Photos from Unsplash & canva.
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