10 best-paying jobs in the Gulf region

10 best-paying jobs in the Gulf region

What are the ten best-paying jobs in the Gulf region? What is the average salary of each position? Check out this post for details. Read Here!

Every year, the Gulf region becomes a dream place for professional ex-pats from all over the world. People come to Gulf to look for jobs because of the luxurious living and good career growth. Today’s article will list the ten best-paying jobs in the Gulf region. Read on!

1. Physicians

Doctors are always in demand, but the coronavirus outbreak has reminded the government how important it is to have an efficient health care system. Naturally, salaries increase or decrease depending on specialty and training. There are likely to be more vacancies in the future.

2. Chief executive officers

Every company has a chief executive officer who leads from the top. The CEO makes the most critical decisions regarding the company’s bottom line and is responsible to the employees. The job also tends to be very pressured and is always one of the highest paying jobs in the Gulf. The average monthly salary is Dh95,000.

3. Data Scientist

The Data Analyst’s job is to analyze data to reach actionable conclusions. Specific duties include: identifying data analysis problems that represent the most significant business opportunity for the organization. Identify appropriate data sets and variables. Research shows that the average salary for a data analyst in the Gulf region is AED 32,500 per month.

4. AI Engineer

AI engineering is a field of research and practice that combines the principles of systems engineering, computer science, software engineering, and human-centered design to build AI systems that meet human needs and achieve better business outcomes. The average salary for an AI specialist in the UAE is 3,368,777 dirhams. Specialists with ten years of experience can expect AED 4,20,525.

5. Investment Banker

Investment bankers are investment professionals who combine analytical skills, financial services experience, and practical, persuasive communication skills to support institutional investors in their fundraising and other activities. The average salary for an Investment Banking Analyst is AED 9,000 per month.

6. Software Engineer

Software engineers develop or modify existing software and design, build, and test applications to meet end-user needs, all using programming languages. The role also focuses on the large-scale software systems that comprise the company’s mission-critical practices. The average salary of a software engineer in the Gulf region is between AED 11,000 and AED 15,000 per month.

7. Cyber Security Engineer

Cyber Security Engineering involves creating and managing software, hardware, and security policies to protect networks, systems, and data. Cyber engineers have computer science, electrical engineering, and cyberspace experience. The average salary for a cyber security engineer in the Gulf region is AED 377,929 per year.

8. Management Consultant

Management consultant works with company administration to evaluate operations, identify challenges, collect information, and implement solutions. Management consultants often work in teams, and many are not employed by the company they are analyzing but rather by a consulting firm. The average salary for a management consultant in the Gulf region is AED 243,060.

9. HR Manager

The HR Manager manages and oversees the day-to-day operations of the Human Resources Department. These include hiring and interviewing employees, administering benefits, payroll, and leave, and ensuring compliance with company practices and policies. The average salary for the HR department is AED 8,500 per month in the Gulf region.

10. Web Developer

The web developer’s job is to build websites. The web developer’s primary role is to ensure the visual and usability of the site, but many web developers are also responsible for the site’s performance. The average salary is AED 8,500 per month.

Final Words

The Gulf region has become the go-to place for foreigners to find and land their dream jobs. Each industry in the Gulf region is booming thanks to the business-friendly ecosystem, providing the best-paying jobs to people. Until Next Time!

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