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Top 10 Largest Employers in Egypt

Are you looking for the top ten largest employers in Egypt? If yes, check out this post to get the list and essential details about each company!

Top 10 Largest Employers in Egypt

Egypt is home to some of the largest companies in the Middle East. These companies offer products and services in different industries. So, without further ado, let us highlight the companies and their services. Read on!

1. Telecom Egypt

Telecom Egypt provides fixed-line, mobile, and data services. The company owns 45% of Vodafone Egypt’s shares; it obtained a 4G mobile license at the end of 2015 and began offering mobile services in 2016. In 2021, data revenue grew 30%, and infrastructure revenue grew 25%, and revenue grew 17% to $2 billion. The company is now 80% owned by the Egyptian government.

2. EFG Hermes Holding

EFG Hermes Holding is one of Egypt’s most reputable financial institutions and the Middle East. It has more than six thousand employees working in 13 countries, including Egypt, UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan. In addition, it acquired a 51% stake in the Arab Investment Bank in 2021.

3. Commercial International Bank

Commercial International Bank was founded in 1975 as a joint venture between the Chase Manhattan Bank and the National Bank of Egypt. Today, the bank employs 7,300 people and serves more than 1.7 million customers in 213 branches.


Qatar’s QNB Group acquired a majority stake in NSGB Bank and changed its name to QNB ALAHLI. The bank serves more than 1.5 million customers through a network of 230 branches and employs more than 6,990 people. It partnered with Instapay in March 2022 to launch an instant payment service that allows customers to transfer money between their accounts and those of other member banks.

5. Elsewedy Electric

Eighty years ago, the Elsvedi family founded Elsvedi Electric as a manufacturer and distributor of electrical components. Since then, the company has evolved into a global supplier of integrated infrastructure, energy, and digital solutions. The company has offices in Egypt, the Gulf States, Africa, Asia, Europe, the United States, New Zealand, and Australia.

6. GB Auto Group

GB Auto Group offers services in GB Capital and GB Ghabbour. These are the two primary entities in which this company provides services, but it has five subsidiaries, including Drive, GB Lease, Haram Tourism, Mashroey, and Tasaheel. The group has direct sales in various Middle Eastern countries, including Egypt and Iraq. It is a major shareholder of RG Investments.

7. Eastern Company

It is the only local cigarette manufacturer in Egypt, producing 70 billion cigarettes and selling nearly 67 billion cigarettes in 2021. Eastern Company signed an agreement with Al Mansour Distribution Company to manufacture the Evolve brand, an Imperial Tobacco Group product.

8. Orascom Construction

Founded over 72 years ago by the late Onsi Sawiris, father of the Arab world’s richest billionaire, Nassef Sawiris, Orascom Construction signed new contracts worth US$3 billion in the Middle East in 2021. Orascom Construction owns a 55% stake in the BESIX Group, with a portfolio that includes facilities management, construction materials, and equipment services.

9. Ezz Steel

Ezz Steel has an annual production capacity of seven million tons of finished steel products; in 2021, the company produced three million tons of long and four million tons of flat products. Sales increased 75% in 2021. Ahamed Ezz, the company’s founder, owns more than 60% of Ezz Steel.

10. Emaar Misr

Emaar Misr is one of the largest employers in Egypt. The company plans and constructs different projects in Egypt, particularly in the urban areas. The company has a strong affiliation with Emaar properties, owning an 88% stake. Moreover, its real estate investment reached a whopping $119.6 million in 2021, compared to $56 million in 2020.

Final Words

Egypt has a favorable business ecosystem, allowing businesspeople to start and run lucrative companies. We have listed the largest employers or companies in Egypt for your inspiration. Until Next Time!

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Top 10 Tech Companies in Qatar

Are you looking for the top ten Tech companies in Qatar? If yes, you have landed on the right page. Here is everything you need to know!

Top 10 Tech Companies in Qatar

Qatar is one of the wealthiest nations in the world, with a strong gross domestic product, industrial development, and IT sector growth. Qatar offers tax-free employment opportunities for locals and foreigners in the retail, travel, oil and gas, engineering, and IT industries. Today’s article will list the top ten tech companies in Qatar. Read on!

1. Denova Glosoft Limited

Denova Glosoft Limited has been in the tech industry for over 15 years, offering comprehensive IT services, including software development, web apps, mobile apps, CRM, BI, HCM, and Odoo development. It has a team of qualified, experienced, and skilled web designers and programmers.

2. Malomatia

Malomatia is an Indian-based company with offices in Doha, Qatar. It provides businesses with cutting-edge technology solutions, including cloud computing, information security, business development, cloud security, web security, networking development, and other IT solutions.

3. Packit Code

Packit Code has been in the tech business for over eight years. It offers web development services, allowing companies to launch user-friendly, minimalistic, highly functional, and speedy websites.

4. Ascent Soft

Ascent Soft has been in the business for seven years. It is a famous IT consulting and solutions provider in Doha, Qatar. It has human resources, accounts, inventory, and procurement software development expertise. Likewise, Ascent Soft provides businesses with web technologies, BPO, BPM, CRM, and DMS solutions.

5. Focus Soft Net

Focus Soft Net is one of the oldest technology companies in Qatar, operating since 1992. It is a global service provider and helps businesses streamline their EPR and CRM systems. It also has a team of professionals who focus on R&D and create tailored solutions for companies to optimize their business processes.

6. Zinger Stick Software

Zinger Stick Software offers a wide range of software solutions for businesses to improve their efficiency, productivity, and revenues. In addition to technology solutions, it provides marketing strategies to help companies to improve their online presence and stand out from the competition.

7. IT Solution Qatar

IT Solution Qatar is one of the top tech companies in Qatar. Since 2004, IT Solution Qatar has won many awards for its state-of-the-art software and technology solutions to businesses across the Middle East. The company looks forward to expanding its business ecosystem to Europe and North America.

8. Zartek

Zartek is a leading web and mobile application development firm in Doha, Qatar. However, this company also has offices in Canada and India. It has a team of over 50 professional web designers and developers with experience in various programming languages to develop unique IT solutions for businesses.

9. ERP Software Solution

ERP Software Solution is another best IT service provider in Qatar. It provides end-to-end technical expertise in marketing, software design, web development, smartphone, iOS, and Android development, and custom software solutions for businesses.

10. Cherry Computer Doha

Cherry Computer Doha serves businesses of all types and sizes, allowing them to improve their operations, increase efficiency, and generate higher revenues via digital solutions. Cherry Computer Doha also develops tailored hardware and solutions for businesses to function more efficiently and in a modernized manner.

Final Words

Qatar has become one of the best places to find IT-related jobs because it has a versatile technology ecosystem. Anyway, these are the top ten tech companies in Qatar. Until Next Time!

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
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Top 10 Arab eCommerce sites

What is the best eCommerce website in the Arab region? What features make them unique? Read this post to get the essential details!

Top 10 Arab eCommerce sites

Ecommerce offers companies a wide range of opportunities, including marketing, sales, product promotion, and online reputation. At the same time, eCommerce site allows consumers to quickly search for their favorite products and buy them after making an informed decision. Today’s article will list the top ten Arab eCommerce sites. Read on!

1. Extra

Extra is an online eCommerce site that offers products and services to consumers in Saudi Arabia. It is one of the best sites to buy electronics, home appliances, and personal care items. The site drives more than 5.1 million people monthly, providing them with premium-quality products.

2. Jarir

Jariri is an eCommerce shop and online bookstore. It sells home goods and electronic items. The bookstore has been in the business for more than 40 years. The company headquarters is in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Its eCommerce website drives more than ten million visitors a month, making it one of the best sites for purchasing various products.

3. Namshi

Namshi is a UAE-based eCommerce website and one of the top retailers for men, women, and kid’s clothing. It also sells fashion, beauty, and personal care items. The company sources products from more than 500 brands. It sells fashion, apparel, and footwear products sourced from international brands.

4. Noon

Noon is one of the best eCommerce websites and an online retailer, providing a wide range of products, including home appliances, beauty products, technology gadgets, etc. Although it is a relatively new website, it has quickly gained a reputation in the UAE, driving more than 14 million monthly visits.

5. Jumia

Jumia is an Egyptian-based eCommerce website. Its headquarters is in Cairo, the capital city of Egypt. Jumia has transformed the entire eCommerce and online shopping ecosystem and experiences for people in the Arab world. It offers various products, from household items to electronic goods. Jumia mimics an Amazon-style business model.

6. Nahdi Online

Nahdi Online is one of the most reputable eCommerce sites that offers healthcare products and pharmaceutical items to people in Saudi Arabia. In addition, the online platforms allow people to schedule virtual consultations with medical doctors. It has an intuitive and user-friendly interface, streamlining the entire process.

7. El Araby Group

El Araby Group is an eCommerce platform and online marketplace for home appliances and electronic products in Egypt. The company has been in the business for more than 55 years. The online site drives more than 1.5 million people every month. It is one of the largest electronic product distributors in Egypt and nearby countries in the Arab region.

8. B Tech

B Tech is an online marketplace and eCommerce site that sells technology products, including computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, chargers, etc. It has been in the tech industry for over 33 years and has developed an innovative platform for people to buy electronic gadgets at the most affordable prices. B Tech drives more than 1.9 million visitors a month.


Raneen is one of the best online supermarkets that sells homeware, fashion, beauty, children’s toys, electronics, and medical supplies. Raneen has been in the business since 2020, but it has quickly gained a reputation due to its premium-quality products. It has excellent online customer support and drives more than 271,000 visitors per month.

10. Haraj

Haraj is another popular eCommerce website that sells a wide range of items. The Saudi-based eCommerce marketplace is famous for its user-friendly smartphone application that gives people access to thousands of products. Haraj even facilitates people to place ads and sell their second-hand items.

Final Words

Ecommerce websites have dominated the business world in the Arab region. Thousands of sites sell unique products. However, nothing matches these sites’ product quality, customer support, and affordability. Until Next Time!

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
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Top 10 Tech Companies in the Arab World

The Arab World is experiencing a technological revolution with hundreds of startups and companies in the IT industry. Read Details Here!

Tech companies in the Arab World engage in research, analysis, development, technological gadget development, and software applications for businesses in various sectors. Not only do these companies design and develop software, but they also manufacture home appliances, mobile devices, and other goods. Today’s article will highlight the top ten tech companies. Read on!

1. Code Wave Technologies

Code Wave is a technology company that aims to transform the digital ecosystem for businesses in various industries. It provides innovative solutions to small-medium enterprises, startups, and giant corporations, developing scalable web and mobile applications. It enables leaders across the Arab World to leverage cloud computing technologies and end-to-end security encryption tools.

2. Hello Pixels

“Hello Pixels” is a UAE-based digital agency. The company has acquired new competencies and continues to achieve innovation in the country. It focuses on performance-driven and result-oriented digital marketing solutions for businesses across the UAE and other Middle East countries.

3. Vipra

Vipra is a technology consulting, software provider, and innovative web solution provider with active operations in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. The company has expertise in web and mobile application development, high-end business website creation, eCommerce solutions, customer relationship management, and digital marketing.

4. Heights

Heights is a Saudi Arabian company that offers digital event management and online marketing services in the Middle East. The Riyadh-based tech company also has branches in Cairo, Amman, and Dubai. It provides innovative ideas and solutions for companies to streamline their advertising, marketing, event management, and local search engine optimization.

5. Cubix

Cubix is a team of professional, qualified, skilled, and experienced software engineers, IoT, artificial intelligence, e-learning, machine learning, augmented reality, virtual reality, and SaaS-based services. The development team offers a wide range of software and cloud technologies to optimize business processes.

6. Primal App Consulting

Primal App Consulting offers eCommerce solutions to businesses looking to improve their online reputation and increase sales of products and services on the internet. It also provides web development, email marketing, and cloud solutions.

7. Hovi Digital Lab

Hovi Digital Lab offers end-to-end marketing and digital sales solutions to optimize and streamline your entire sales lifecycle and improve your business’s bottom line. The company provides transformative solutions to enable your business development and growth, reduce costs, and generate higher ROIs.

8. Zealous Web

Zealous Web offers various software technology solutions, including web design, development, maintenance, programming, custom mobile applications, digital marketing, and business management solutions for companies in multiple industries.

9. Sahab Agency

Sahab Agency is one of the best tech companies in the Arab World, offering mobile application development, web design, WordPress plugins, eCommerce solutions, marketing tools, and social media management strategies.

It has helped hundreds of businesses in the Middle East to optimize online operations, drive more customers, increase sales, and generate higher revenues. Sahab Agency has a team of qualified and creative professionals with years of experience in digital programming.

10. Finch

Finch is a creative Studio in Qatar, offering attractive visuals, branding designs, and development solutions for businesses. The company has expertise in holistic and strategic development that drive customers, improve brand reputation, and engage customers with your brand.

Final Words

Leaders in the Arab World believe that digital technologies and IT companies can lift the trajectory of productivity, research, development, and economic growth. Governments make significant efforts to provide a favorable business environment for IT companies in the Arab World. Until Next Time!

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
  • Photos from Unsplash & canva.