5 Reasons to Work in Oman

5 Reasons to Work in Oman

Is Oman a better place to find employment opportunities? Why is Oman the best place to work? Here is what you need to know in this post!

5 Reasons to Work in Oman

Although most people consider moving to the United Arab Emirates and Qatar when looking for a job in the Middle East, the InterNations survey results highlight that Oman is the 9th safest place in the world. Therefore, ex-pats looking to live and work in the Middle East must choose Oman. Here are the top five reasons to work in Oman. Read on!

1.    Ideal Location in the Middle East

Oman has a strategic location within the Middle East, providing convenient connectivity to countries in the MENA region, Asia, Africa, and Europe via road networks and air transportation services. You can visit the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and other countries within a few hours from Oman.

Because Oman has excellent connectivity to a holiday destination in the MENA region and Asia-pacific countries, it is a perfect place for ex-pats to live and work in the Middle East.

2.    Lots of Job Opportunities

A wide range of job opportunities is another reason we recommend Oman for ex-pats to live and work in the Middle East. Oman is one of the wealthiest countries in the MENA region, with its wealth coming from its oil reserves.

However, various industries are operating in Oman with hundreds of companies, including startups, small-medium enterprises, and giant corporations. These companies seek qualified, experienced, skilled professionals and offer high salaries.

The Omani government has substantially diversified the country’s economy by investing in numerous industries, including education, construction, tourism, healthcare, oil and gas, real estate, etc.

3.    Oman is Safe for Foreigners

According to the survey results of InterNations, Oman is the 9th safest country in the world, with low crime rates, and ideal for ex-pats and foreigners who want to move to the country with their families.

In addition, Omani people are well-behaved, polite, and friendly and will assist you in all aspects of life. The rich cultural values make Omani people hospitable and honest, so they welcome people from all over the world.

4.    Good Salaries and Affordable Living

The best reason to live and work in Oman is the high salaries paid by companies and affordable cost of living. Oman is the best country when it comes to tax-free income. The cost of living in Oman is relatively cheaper than in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh, Qatar, Jeddah, and other famous cities in the Middle East.

5.    Diverse Landscapes/Outdoor Fun

Oman has diverse landscapes and natural beauty, providing opportunities for ex-pats and foreigners to explore the natural wonders, including the never-ending golden desert, rugged mountains, and gorgeously beautiful beaches.

Some outdoor activities you can enjoy in Oman with your family are off-road excursions, kite surfing, paddle boarding, hiking, scuba diving, snorkeling, desert camping, and much more.

Final Words

There are plenty of reasons to live and work in Oman. However, these are the top five reasons to move to Oman with your family, start a career, achieve financial goals, and live a happier life. Until Next Time!

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
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