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Best Startups in Egypt

What are the best startups in Egypt? What makes these companies unique from others? Here is everything you need to know!

Best Startups in Egypt

Egypt has one of the most favorable business ecosystems and fastest-growing startup industry. It consists of growing talent and a more than $1.5 billion value. Egyptian startups increased by 30% to 40% during the Covid-19 pandemic. Investors have spent more than $190 million on startup companies between 2020 and 2021. Today’s article will list the best startups in Egypt. Read on!


Trella is a Cairo-based startup company founded in 2019. Although Trella is a new company, it has quickly gained a reputation due to its innovative services. It has a team of professionals, including operational managers, SQL specialists, and software programmers.

Trella offers a digital platform for truckers to connect with freight loads. It has raised more than $42 million in equity between 2021 and 2022. The company makes substantial efforts to develop platforms that streamline the transport industry in Egypt.


Khazna is a Cairo-based technology startup in Egypt with a team of professionals with expertise in programming languages and software development. It also has brand managers and sales executives to help businesses streamline their brand reputation.

Khazna has developed an innovative app that offers mobile financial services to more than 20 million users in Egypt. Khazna has partnered with Masria Digital Payments and Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank to launch a prepaid card.


Brimore is another startup with a team of backend developers, data analysts, and customer relationship management. It has professionals with expertise in data analysis, JavaScript, and other programming languages to develop innovative software solutions for businesses.

However, Brimore provides a social commerce platform for people across Egypt to start, run, and grow their businesses through virtual shops. The company aims to equip female entrepreneurs with essential tools to streamline business processes and sell their products or services for a higher profit.


Capiter is one of the best startup companies in Egypt. The headquarters of this company is in Cairo. The company hires people with expertise and skills in analytics, Java, and SQL database management.

Capiter offers a B2B eCommerce platform for sellers to optimize their online operations and generate higher investment returns. Moreover, the company CEO Mahmoud Nouh has made substantial efforts to make it the top startup in Egypt. More than 1,000 sellers use the company’s smartphone application.

Max AB

Max AB is a Cairo-based startup company founded in 2018. It hires people with skills and experience in JavaScript, SQL database management, data analysis, software engineering, and web and mobile application development.

Max AB is an eCommerce platform for retailers, enabling them to access products from various suppliers. The app also has innovative features that provide operational support to eCommerce businesses in Egypt.

Final Words

There are many startup companies in Egypt. Most of them are based in Cairo, the capital city, but not all are the best. We have listed the top five startup companies in Egypt, offering innovative eCommerce, financial, software development, and network security services to businesses across the country. Until Next Time!

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
  • Photos from Unsplash & canva.

Most in-demand jobs in Qatar

What are the most in-demand jobs in Qatar? Check out this post to get the list and the average salary range for each position. Read Here!

Most in-demand jobs in Qatar

Qatar is one of the wealthiest countries in the world, with a solid gross domestic product and expansion of businesses. The country has flourished in all aspects of business and industries, providing thousands of job opportunities for people, including locals and foreigners. Today’s article will list the most in-demand jobs in Qatar. Read on!

Medical Professionals

Qatar offers many job opportunities for medical professionals, including physicians, doctors, pharmacists, nurses, and lab technicians. There is a growing demand for health professionals to streamline the entire medical system.

If you are a doctor, you can apply for a job in Qatar and live a luxurious and enjoy a high salary. The average salary of a doctor in Qatar ranges between QAR 13,500 and QAR 62,200 per month. However, this depends on your experience, skills, and organization.

Marketing Director

A marketing director handles the organization’s product or service and promotes them to increase sales. A marketing director’s role is also to improve brand identity, recognition, and reputation.

These professionals work with a team of graphic designers, content developers, and digital marketers to create a sophisticated marketing plan and improve a business’s overall bottom line. The average salary of a marketing director in Qatar is between QAR 20,000 and QAR 37,000, depending on experience and skills.

Finance Manager

A finance manager oversees a company’s financial operations and performs various tasks, including planning, budgeting, and accounting. A finance manager working in an organization also manages investments/loans and makes substantial efforts to lower risks and improve the company’s revenues. The average salary of a finance manager in Qatar is between QAR 25,000 and QAR 60,000 per month.

Banking Professionals

Qatar is one of the best Middle Eastern countries for banking professionals seeking high-paying jobs. Banking jobs usually involve account management, financial analysis, customer service, and risk assessment. In addition, the average salary of a professional banker ranges between QAR 14,000 and QAR 42,000, depending on the position or role.


A lawyer provides legal advice and represents their clients in court. Many individuals and businesses hire lawyers to streamline their legal operations and protect themselves from penalties.

A lawyer can choose a specific specialization area, such as family law, criminal law, intellectual property law, etc. The average salary of a lawyer working for a law company or firm is between QAR 14,000 and QAR 49,000 per month.

Real Estate Professional

Qatar is the epitome of real estate development, thanks to new constructions and maintenance of buildings. The country has booming residential and commercial real estate properties.

Therefore, a realtor or real estate professional with years of experience and skills in buying and selling properties for clients can get a high-paying job. The average salary of a real estate professional or agent in Qatar is between QAR 12,000 and QAR 25,000 per month.

IT Experts

The technology industry in Qatar has experienced rapid advancement and growth, thanks to startup companies and small medium software development businesses that provide innovative IT solutions to various corporations across the Middle East.

So, whether you are a software developer, graphic designer, cloud architect, network security analyst, data scientist, or any other IT professional, you can easily find a high-paying job in Qatar.

The average salary of an IT professional in Qatar is between QAR 8,000 and QAR 26,000 per month. You can earn more than that, depending on your skills and experience.

Final Words

Qatar’s booming job market offers opportunities for highly skilled and experienced people in various industries. However, these roles or positions are the most in-demand jobs in Qatar. Until Next Time!

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
  • Photos from Unsplash & canva.

Top 10 Entrepreneurs in Egypt

Who are among the top ten entrepreneurs in Egypt? What makes them famous and successful? Here is what you need to know!

Top 10 Entrepreneurs in Egypt

Do you want to become your own boss, increase chances of streamlining income, choose where and when to work, and ensure consistent growth and development? If yes, you must leave your 9-5 job and focus on entrepreneurship. If you live in Egypt, reading about these top ten entrepreneurs will inspire you to achieve your goals. Read on!

1. Omar Samra

Omar Samara is an entrepreneur, adventurer, and public speaker. People consider him among the youngest Egyptians who climbed Mount Everest. Samara is the founder of Wild Guanabana Company, an organization that designs and creates authentic adventure or travel experiences for tourists worldwide.

2. Dina El Mofty

Dina El Mofty is one of Egypt’s most reputable entrepreneurs and businesswomen. She focused on youth development in her twenties and made substantial efforts to establish Injaz Egypt, a program that inspires and encourages young people in Egypt to start their own businesses.

Dina has partnered with schools, colleges, universities, and private organizations to equip young people with essential tools to streamline their entrepreneurial journeys.

3. Nemat Shafik

Nemat Shafik is the director of the London School of Economics and specializes in running the political science department. Although Nemat Shafik is an Egyptian, she has gained popularity in the western world and is considered one of the most powerful women in the UK. She has also served as World Bank’s vice president and worked diligently to streamline the bank’s infrastructure and operations.

4. Sara Hegazy

Sara Hegazy is an inspiration for young women who want to start their own businesses in Egypt. She is a self-taught designer and learned everything via online courses. She owns a company that designs custom-fitted and embroidered style clothes. She also studied at the London College of Fashion.

5. Mohamed El-Erian

Mohamed El-Erian is a powerful businessman, economist, and analyst in Egypt. El-Erian has been the CEO of PIMCO, a global investment management company, between 2007 and 2014. In 2012, the U.S government selected him as chair of Barak Obama’s, the former U.S president, Global Development Council.

6. Naguib Sawiris

Naguib Sawiris is another Egyptian businessman and the most powerful social media influencer with over seven million followers on Twitter. Sawiris is the chairman of Orascom Telecom Media & Technology Holding, an internet company. In addition, Sawiris has the largest ownership share in Euro News, making him one of the wealthiest entrepreneurs in Egypt.

7. Rana El-kaliouby

Rana is a computer scientist and entrepreneur with a Ph.D. from the University of Cambridge in research and technology development. Rana completed her post-doctorate from MIT, and currently, she is the CEO of a startup company that develops emotional artificial intelligence applications based on human perception.

8. Yasmine Helal

Yasmine Helal is a former professional basketball player and engineer. Yasmine is the founder of Educate-Me, an organization founded in 2010 to provide students with scholarships to study formal education.

She has created an exceptional socio-business model to optimize the education system in Egypt. She is an inspiration for young ladies seeking a career in entrepreneurship and for the welfare of Egyptian society.

9. Amy Mowafi

Amy Mowafi has spent ten years at Enigma as the managing editor. She joined MO4Network in 2011, a digital agency that provides cutting-edge services to businesses across the Middle East. Mowafi creative skills and experience have made MO4 the best company, with over 140 businesses as clients in the Arab world.

10. Hend Riad

Hend Riad is the founder and CEO of Flat6Labs, a project she started at University, which is now a lucrative furniture business. The company aims to reduce plastic waste in Egypt, particularly in Cairo, and maintain sustainability throughout the country. Hend Riad specializes in developing or manufacturing eco-friendly furniture. Her company has clients all over the Middle East.

Final Words

Entrepreneurship is the best way to achieve your personal and business goals and live a happier and more comfortable life. These Egyptian entrepreneurs inspire young people to brainstorm ideas, turn them into actions or practical companies, work for the betterment of society, and generate multiple income streams. Until Next Time!

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience, and research.
  • Photos from Unsplash & canva.

Top 10 Digital Agencies in Qatar

Are you looking for the top ten digital agencies in Qatar? If yes, you have landed on the right page. Here is everything you need to know!

Top 10 Digital Agencies in Qatar

Hiring a digital agency in Qatar is an excellent way to streamline your business’s online activities, improve your company’s bottom line, and save money. Qatar has hundreds of digital agencies. However, not all of them are the best. Today’s article will list the top ten digital agencies to help you choose the one that best fits your needs. Read on!

1. Riman Agency

Riman Agency is the epitome of digital services in Qatar. Unlike other companies, it offers an innovative approach to help individuals and businesses streamline their digital activities and maintain a competitive edge over the competition.

According to Tarek Riman, the founder and CEO of Riman Agency, a well-designed website helps businesses reach their target audience and generates more leads and customers.

Riman agency has a versatile team that works under the leadership of Tarek to optimize businesses’ online operations. The agency has helped and served hundreds of companies across Qatar to improve their online presence.

The company offers SEO services to ensure you achieve online success. It aims to bring relevant users to your website and improve returns on investments (ROIs). Whether local, global, social media, or website SEO, Riman Agency’s team can do the job professionally, effectively, and cost-efficiently. It offers:

  • Search engine marketing (SEM)
  • Web design and development
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Pay-per-click advertising
  • Content development
  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Local SEO
  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO
  • And much more!

Businesses across Qatar hire the Riman agency to reach their target audience and improve customer acquisition. Riman Agency uses the latest tools to ensure everything goes smoothly, resulting in:

  • Brand awareness
  • Increased sales
  • More organic traffic to your website
  • Engaging customers via valuable content
  • Brand identity, recognition, and reputation
  • Repeat business and customer loyalty
  • Optimize promotional campaigns

Reach out. t@rimanagency.com

2. Altair Advertising

Altair Advertising is a digital agency in Doha, Qatar. Although it is a relatively new company, it has quickly gained a reputation in Qatar due to its innovative advertising, branding, digital marketing, SEO, and social media approach.

Not only does Altair Advertising create powerful strategies and campaigns for small businesses, but it also establishes a brand reputation for new eCommerce businesses. The company specializes in:

  • Social media campaigns
  • Paid advertising campaigns
  • Online content and digital media
  • Branding and SEO
  • Lead generation
  • Sales or conversions

3. Why Shy

Why Shy is a digital marketing agency in Qatar. It has been offering digital marketing services to businesses across Qatar for over four years. Although Why Shy has a small team, the highly qualified and experienced professionals provide versatile services, including:

  • Web development
  • Mobile application development
  • Web design and apps
  • Social media campaigns
  • Local and Global SEO

The company has helped dozens of businesses achieve their goals. However, one of their notable projects was developing a digital platform with an intuitive design for an oil and gas company. Why Shy’s professionals can perform SEO to drive organic traffic to your business website and create content to turn them into loyal customers.

4. Sudace Digital Agency

Sudace Digital Agency has been operating in Qatar for over ten years. The company has a small team of digital graphic designers, web marketing, advertising, branding, SEO, content marketing, and conversion optimization.

In addition, Sudace Digital Agency offers marketing consultancy services to help businesses develop state-of-the-art marketing materials for various platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


PRIMEDIA Qatar offers a wide range of digital services, including mobile application development, web design and development, SEO, and social media marketing. However, most businesses hire this company for email marketing.

PRIMEDIA has a team of professional email marketing experts who build email lists, create email content, and use premium-quality graphics or infographics to ensure conversion and sales.

6. Resolution Digital

Resolution Digital is a marketing agency in Qatar, offering services to businesses since 2016. Although Resolution Digital is a small-medium enterprise, it has quickly gained a reputation thanks to its innovative web design, social media marketing, search engine marketing, optimization, and content marketing services.

It has a highly skilled content marketers team to maximize engagement for your business, existing customers, and potential clients. Resolution Digital is famous for its creative content in English and Arabic to engage prospects and convert them into high-paying customers.

7. What’s Up Doha

What’s Up Doha is a digital marketing agency specializing in web design, search engine optimization, email marketing, social media marketing, and paid PPC campaigns. However, the company’s web designers follow a holistic approach to designing and creating websites with intuitive features.

Besides, What’s Up Doha specializes in social media marketing campaigns and promotional item development. It has helped hundreds of companies throughout the Middle East, easing complexities and streamlining digital advertising processes.

8. Menasa

Menasa is a digital marketing agency in Doha, Qatar. We have included this company in the list of top ten digital agencies in Qatar due to its versatility and diverse services. It offers:

  • Content marketing
  • Web design and development
  • Mobile app development
  • Logo design
  • Branding services
  • Social media marketing
  • YouTube marketing
  • Local SEO
  • Buyer’s persona development

9. New Waves

New Waves, launched in 2016, is one of the best digital agencies in Qatar. It has a team of digital professionals with expertise in branding, logo design, search engine optimization, local SEO, search engine marketing, social media advertising campaigns, web design, and development.

What makes this company unique from others is its brand consultancy services. Experts at New Waves define, sharpen, and grow businesses’ online presence, reputation, and performance over time.

Not only do the company’s professionals work alongside senior managers, but they can also create PR campaigns to improve your business’s overall bottom line. So, hiring this company is worth your time and money.


SEO BEEK is a web design and development Company. Although the company’s headquarters are in Damietta, Egypt, it has an office in Doha, Qatar. SEO BEEK specializes in web design and development, SEO, mobile and amp, app marketing, etc. It uses the best web tools, including hosting and domain management, to launch fast, reliable, and efficient websites.

Moreover, SEO BEEK has a team of qualified programmers and developers with expertise in HTML, Java, JavaScript, CSS, Python, R, and other languages to create software solutions, websites, and content management systems for businesses across Qatar.

Final Words

Qatar has become a technology hub and central location for IT companies that offer various digital services. You can go through the list above and choose a company that best fits your needs. However, based on our experience, we recommend Riman Agency because it is an all-inclusive solution for your digital requirements. Until Next Time!

Best financial companies in the Arab world

What is the best financial Company in the Gulf or Arab world? Check out this post to get the list and features that make them the best! Read Here!

Best financial companies in the Arab world

Financial companies in the Arab world provide loans to people and businesses. A finance company may participate in cash deposits from clients like banks. However, the most common services are developing and offering financial products and tools for people and organizations to streamline their operations. Here are the best financial companies in the Arab world. Read on!

KPMG Lower Gulf

KPMG in Lower Gulf provides tax, audit, and advisory services to a wide range of domestic and international clients in all business areas and the economy. It works closely with clients to help them identify opportunities and mitigate risks.

KPMG in Lower Gulf is fortunate to have a network of global members, combining international experience with local knowledge of the industry and the professional skills clients need.


PwC’s goal is to develop trust and solve critical challenges in society. The Company is committed to providing high-quality advisory assurance and tax services to a network of 155 national firms and more than 290,000 employees.

PwC has a 40-year history in the Middle East, with 23 offices in 13 countries and approximately 7,000 employees. It is a member of the PwC Network and one more member firm, each of which is an independent legal entity.

Oliver Wyman

Oliver Wyman is an international leader in consulting and management. With offices in over 60 cities across 25 countries, Oliver Wyman unites profound industry knowledge with dedicated expertise in policy, operations, risk administration, and organization renovation.

The firm has over 6,000 professionals worldwide who work with clients to optimize their business, enhance their operations, reduce the risk profile, and speed up their organizational performance to seize the most attractive prospects.

Boston Consulting Group

Boston Consulting Group is one of the diverse companies with a staff of over 50 nationalities from various commercial and academic fields. Differences in backgrounds, cultures, and knowledge also come with a collective strength that powers a united team.

Team members collaborate cohesively and efficiently with outstanding analytical and social skills and an eagerness to thrive in the workplace. It continues recruiting top Gulf and global candidates

These clients across the gulf region include leading firms in the public sector, financial services, energy, private equity, health care, industrial goods, media, consumer goods, and telecom.

Brain & Company

Bain & Company was established to believe that consultants should provide a measurable and sustainable results, including reports, to their clients. The Middle East experts bring diverse experience and industry knowledge to each engagement. They look at corporations from a chief executive’s point of view and work together with the client as “one team” to accomplish enduring results.

Final Words

Financial companies in the Arab world offer a wide range of services, including examining financial statements, reporting, and managing economic operating systems. These companies offer unique products and services to their clients in different countries of the gulf region. Until Next Time!

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
  • Photos from Unsplash & canva.