Top 10 Entrepreneurs in Egypt

Who are among the top ten entrepreneurs in Egypt? What makes them famous and successful? Here is what you need to know!

Top 10 Entrepreneurs in Egypt

Do you want to become your own boss, increase chances of streamlining income, choose where and when to work, and ensure consistent growth and development? If yes, you must leave your 9-5 job and focus on entrepreneurship. If you live in Egypt, reading about these top ten entrepreneurs will inspire you to achieve your goals. Read on!

1. Omar Samra

Omar Samara is an entrepreneur, adventurer, and public speaker. People consider him among the youngest Egyptians who climbed Mount Everest. Samara is the founder of Wild Guanabana Company, an organization that designs and creates authentic adventure or travel experiences for tourists worldwide.

2. Dina El Mofty

Dina El Mofty is one of Egypt’s most reputable entrepreneurs and businesswomen. She focused on youth development in her twenties and made substantial efforts to establish Injaz Egypt, a program that inspires and encourages young people in Egypt to start their own businesses.

Dina has partnered with schools, colleges, universities, and private organizations to equip young people with essential tools to streamline their entrepreneurial journeys.

3. Nemat Shafik

Nemat Shafik is the director of the London School of Economics and specializes in running the political science department. Although Nemat Shafik is an Egyptian, she has gained popularity in the western world and is considered one of the most powerful women in the UK. She has also served as World Bank’s vice president and worked diligently to streamline the bank’s infrastructure and operations.

4. Sara Hegazy

Sara Hegazy is an inspiration for young women who want to start their own businesses in Egypt. She is a self-taught designer and learned everything via online courses. She owns a company that designs custom-fitted and embroidered style clothes. She also studied at the London College of Fashion.

5. Mohamed El-Erian

Mohamed El-Erian is a powerful businessman, economist, and analyst in Egypt. El-Erian has been the CEO of PIMCO, a global investment management company, between 2007 and 2014. In 2012, the U.S government selected him as chair of Barak Obama’s, the former U.S president, Global Development Council.

6. Naguib Sawiris

Naguib Sawiris is another Egyptian businessman and the most powerful social media influencer with over seven million followers on Twitter. Sawiris is the chairman of Orascom Telecom Media & Technology Holding, an internet company. In addition, Sawiris has the largest ownership share in Euro News, making him one of the wealthiest entrepreneurs in Egypt.

7. Rana El-kaliouby

Rana is a computer scientist and entrepreneur with a Ph.D. from the University of Cambridge in research and technology development. Rana completed her post-doctorate from MIT, and currently, she is the CEO of a startup company that develops emotional artificial intelligence applications based on human perception.

8. Yasmine Helal

Yasmine Helal is a former professional basketball player and engineer. Yasmine is the founder of Educate-Me, an organization founded in 2010 to provide students with scholarships to study formal education.

She has created an exceptional socio-business model to optimize the education system in Egypt. She is an inspiration for young ladies seeking a career in entrepreneurship and for the welfare of Egyptian society.

9. Amy Mowafi

Amy Mowafi has spent ten years at Enigma as the managing editor. She joined MO4Network in 2011, a digital agency that provides cutting-edge services to businesses across the Middle East. Mowafi creative skills and experience have made MO4 the best company, with over 140 businesses as clients in the Arab world.

10. Hend Riad

Hend Riad is the founder and CEO of Flat6Labs, a project she started at University, which is now a lucrative furniture business. The company aims to reduce plastic waste in Egypt, particularly in Cairo, and maintain sustainability throughout the country. Hend Riad specializes in developing or manufacturing eco-friendly furniture. Her company has clients all over the Middle East.

Final Words

Entrepreneurship is the best way to achieve your personal and business goals and live a happier and more comfortable life. These Egyptian entrepreneurs inspire young people to brainstorm ideas, turn them into actions or practical companies, work for the betterment of society, and generate multiple income streams. Until Next Time!

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience, and research.
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Top 10 Middle Eastern Musicians

Who are among the top ten Middle Eastern musicians? How many songs has each musician released? What is each musician’s net worth?

Top 10 Middle Eastern Musicians

Unlike western music traditions, Arabic music focuses on microtones, notes that lie between the chromatic scale. Although semitones or half steps separate the chromatic scale notes, these notes in Arabic music focus on the quarter tones.

Arabic singers follow an improvisation method called the maqam, allowing the singer to build a scale of different patterns and pitches. The singer uses habitual phrases and notes to improve the overall music experience for listeners. Today’s article will list the top ten Middle Eastern musicians. Read on!

1.  Djalil Palermo

Djalil Palermo is one of the most famous singers in the Middle East. The Algerian-based singer has released more than 30 songs and earned between $4 and $5.5 million in 2022. The net worth of this singer or musician is $4.8 million.

2. Saad Lamjarred

Saad Lamjarred has the best and most melodious voice. Saad has released more than 36 songs and earned over $6 million in 2022. The net worth of Saad Lamjarred is $5.6 million, making him one of the wealthiest musicians in the Arab World.

3. Hussain Al Jassmi

Hussain Al Jassmi is a UAE-based singer and musician who has released more than 180 songs in the Arabic language. Jassmi has earned over $5 million in 2022. However, the net worth of this melodious singer is $4.7 million. Jassmi has hundreds of thousands of fans in the UAE and millions across the Arab world.

4. Mohamed Ramadan

Mohamed Ramadan is one of the most famous musicians and singers in the Arab World. The Egyptian musician has released 33 songs, and each item mesmerized the audience with unique music and lyrics. The singer earned more than $4.5 million in 2022. The singer’s net worth is $4.2 million.

5. Mohamed Hamaki

Mohamed Hamaki is another Egyptian musician and singer. The number of songs by Mohamed Hamaki is 62, each unique and harmonious. Hamaki has millions of fans following around the world, particularly young girls. Hamaki started his singing career in 1996. Today, his net worth is $4.3 million.

6. Amr Diab

Amr Diab is a famous Egyptian singer and musician who has released more than 105 songs. Each song by Diab has received millions of views on YouTube and Soundcloud. Diab made more than $4.8 million in 2022. Starting his career in 1984, Amr Diab is one of the most inspirational singers in the entire Arab region.

7. Tamer Hosny

Tamer Hosny is a famous Egyptian singer and musician who earned more than $3.9 million in 2022, thanks to his hit albums, music concerts, and YouTube videos that attracted millions of views. Tamer started his music career in 2002 and has released 96 songs.

8. Ghreeb Al Mokhles

Ghreeb Al Mokhles is a Saudi singer, musician, and band. Ghreeb has written and sung 35 songs and earned over $3.5 million in 2022. His beautiful voice will keep you on the edge of your seat and soothe your mind and heart. The total net worth of this Saudi Arabian singer or musician is between $3 and $3.5 million.

9. Zuhair Bahaoui

Zuhair Bahaoui is a Moroccan singer and musician who has composed and sung 20 songs. Zuhair started his music career in 2015, and since then, he has earned a name for himself in the music industry, thanks to his unique voice and mesmerizingly soothing songs. The net worth of Zuhair is $3.7 million.

10. Hamza Namira

Hamza Namira is another Arab singer who belongs to Egypt. Hamza has written, composed, and sung more than 35 songs. Namira has millions of followers and fans across the Arab world and Arabians living in western countries. The net worth of Namira is $2.5 million.

Final Words

Arabic music corresponds to locality and showcases the local culture, traditions, values, love, erotica, and other genres. Research shows that Arabic music is more popular than western music among different segments of the world population. These are the top ten Arabic musicians and singers with millions of fans across the Arab World. Until Next Time!

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
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Top 10 Arabic books to read

What are the best Arabic books to read in 2022? What makes these books unique? What themes does each book touch? Read Details Here!

Top 10 Arabic books to read

The Arabic language has one of the best literary traditions and outstanding works in fiction and non-fiction books. There are over 400 million Arabic speakers worldwide, and the books produced in this language are unique, gorgeous, and literature-rich with exceptional grammar and eloquence. Today’s article will list the top ten Arabic language books. Read on!

1. The Days

The Days is one of the best novels that showcase the autobiography of Taha Hussein’s life. It tells the story of Hussein’s life from childhood when he used to live in a small Egyptian village to his educational journey in France. It is one of the best Arabic books, and people call it the “Dean of Arabic Literature.” The Book won over 14 nominees for Nobel Prize in Literature.

2. One Thousand and One Nights

One Thousand One Nights is another best book with a collection of tales and stories written in ARABIC. It includes stories written by authors from North Africa, Arabian Peninsula, and South Asia. The tales range from tragedies, comedies, poetries, and erotica, making it one of the most versatile books in Arabic.

3. The Return of the Spirit

The Return of the Spirit tells the story of a young Egyptian man and his family. It showcases the tragedies, turmoil, and challenges faced by the family during the 1919 Egyptian revolution. The thrilling stories based on actual events will keep you on the edge of your seat.

4. Men in the Sun

Men in the Sun tells the story of three Palestinian refugees. The story highlights the miseries and challenges experienced by these refugees in an Iraqi camp and their dreams to escape to Kuwait and find work/jobs in the oil companies. Ghassan Kanafani is the author of the Book. Although various English writers have translated the Book, the original version is parallel to none.

5. Cities of Salt

Cities of Salt is another best book to read. It tells the story of the Bedouin tribes of Wadi Al Uyoon in the unmade country, showcasing the lifestyle of people in the 1930s. It also speaks about how Americans discovered oil on their land and prevented them from leveraging the profits.

6. Season of Migration to the North

The Book showcases the history and story of the postcolonial Arabic world. Tayeb Salih, a Sudanese novelist, is the author of this Book. It is one of the masterpieces in Arabic literature and has won numerous awards. The Book also speaks about European colonialism in Sudan and the lifestyle and culture of people living under the oppression of European colonialism.

7. Beirut Blues

Beirut Blues is an Arabic language book with a collection of letters and stories that describe the life of Asmahan, a young Lebanese woman who struggled to defend her homeland during the civil war. It is a fascinating book showcasing this young woman’s courage and valiance.

8. The Yacoubian Building

The Yacoubian Building is another Arabic book discussing Egyptian society after the 1952 revolution. The novel describes the working class and poor district of downtown Cairo, showing colorful and enthusiastic characters and their relationships with the Building.

9. Azazel

Azazel is a book that showcases the life of Hypa, a monk in the fifth century AD. It highlights the lifestyles, traditions, and values of ancient and modern-day northern Syria, Alexandria, and upper Egypt. The Book won the international prize for the best fiction book in the Arabic language.

10. Celestial Bodies

Celestial won the International Man Booker Prize in 2019. The Arabic language book is a novel that shows the life of three sisters in Oman, Khawla, Asma, and Mayya. It focuses on various themes, including education, love, marriage, class, traditions, cultures, and values.

Final Words

Arabic is a universal language spoken in many countries. Arab writers have produced exceptional literary work, including fictional and non-fictional novels and stories throughout the centuries. However, these are the best books to read in the modern world. Until Next Time!

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
  • Photos from Unsplash & canva.

Top 10 Arab Businesswomen

Who are among the top ten Arab businesswomen? What are their achievements? Check out this post to get the list and details! Read Here!

Top 10 Arab Businesswomen

Being a businesswoman offers numerous benefits, such as autonomy, freedom, a flexible schedule, constant development and growth, experiencing and overcoming challenges, building a brand reputation, and becoming an inspiration for young people. Here are the top ten businesswomen in the Arab World.

1. Lubna Helal

Lubna Helal is the deputy governor of the central bank in Egypt. Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, the country’s president, has appointed her to this position. Helal has made significant contributions to the Egyptian economy and made efforts to overcome high inflation. She is also the deputy chair of the Banking Institute.

2. Lubna S. Olayan

Lubna Olayan owns and operates more than forty companies in Saudi Arabia. She has made substantial efforts to break the gender barrier in the Arabian Peninsula. Olayan joined her father’s holding about 38 years ago. She is among the first Saudi women to hold executive positions.

3. Raja Easa Al Gurg

Raja has operated the most influential business empire known as the “Al Gurg Group.” It is one of the UAE’s oldest and most powerful organizations. The group operates more than 28 companies and has 370 multinational partners. It has shares in Siemens, British American Tobacco, and Unilever.

4. Fatima Al Jaber

Fatima Al Jaber is the UAE’s most influential businesswoman, operating a private construction firm with over $5 billion in assets. The company has more than 55,000 employees. Al Jaber Group has experienced development, growth, and prosperity since 2007 when Fatima joined the Al Jaber Group. She has worked on various projects, including the Abu Dhabi International Airport.

5. Sheikha Al Mayassa

Sheikha Al Mayassa is one of the youngest entrepreneurs and businesswomen in the Arab world. She is the sister of the Qatari Emir and the premier personality for promoting arts and culture in Qatar. She runs various companies with a net worth of more than $250 million.

6. Maha Al Ghunaim

Maha is co-founder of Global Investment House. She founded the company in 1998. In 2012, the firm became the best company and was added to the list of the London Stock Exchange. In addition, Ghunaim made substantial efforts to make the company profitable, increasing its net profits to $3.6 billion.

7. Nezha Hayat

Nezha Hayat is CEO of Moroccan Capital Market Authority. The company regulates Morocco’s financial markets, and Hayat has made substantial efforts to improve the company’s structure and organizational culture. She also serves on the board of a bank in the country. Thus, she is an inspirational entrepreneur and one of the best businesswomen in the Arab world.

8. Khawla al-Asadi

Khawla Al-Asadi became the general director of Rafi Dain Bank in 2016. She runs Iraq’s largest bank and has made significant efforts to make it a profitable financial institution in the Arab region. She has also occupied various top positions in the banking and financial sector.

9. Mona Almoayyed

Mona operates and maintains one of the oldest companies in Bahrain, with over 2,000 employees. She is the CEO of YK Almoayeed and Sons, a company founded by her father in 1940. The company represents over 300 brands in various industries, including luxury goods, construction, and automotive.

10. Sheikha Al Bahar

Sheikha Al Bahar has over 30 years of experience in the financial industry. She has extensive banking and economics knowledge and has helped various companies streamline their operations. She joined Kuwait’s National Bank in 1997 and became the institution’s CEO in 2014. She is an inspiration for young women seeking a career in the financial sector.

Final Words

Today, women in the Arab world are not behind the men and are equally participating in the race to build their reputations, achieve goals, and make their respective countries prosperous. Until Next Time!

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
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Top 10 inspirational Arab women

Who is among the most inspirational women in the Arab World? What are their achievements? Check out this post to get the list and details!

Top 10 inspirational Arab women

The Arab World has focused on empowering women in all domains of life. From politics to medicine to science to journalism, women in the Arab World have gained a reputation for their outstanding work in various fields. Today’s article will list the most inspirational Arab women. Read on!

1. Tawwakkol Karman

Tawwakkol is a Yemeni journalist, politician, and social activist. She is famous for her human rights activities and is considered one of the most influential and inspirational women in the Arab World. She founded “Women Journalists without Chains” and won a Nobel Peace Prize in 2011.

2. Manal Al-Sharif

Manal Al-Sharif is a social activist and feminist who raises her voice for Saudi Arabian women. She led the movement for women’s rights to drive cars in Saudi Arabia. Al-Sharif was the first Saudi woman to film herself driving a car in 2011. Although many people are against her, she has become an inspirational leader for women in Saudi Arabia to help them achieve their rights.

3. Haifaa Al Mansour

Haifaa is an inspirational personality in the Arab World who stood firm against the male-dominated society and worked for women’s rights in the Arabian Peninsula. Haifaa created “Women Without Shadows,” a documentary that inspired many Arabian women and young girls. The documentary showcases the hidden lives of people in the gulf region.

4. Dr. Hayat Sindy

Dr. Sindy is a medical scientist and the first woman in the Arab World Cambridge University accepted for Ph.D. in biotechnology. Dr. Sindy is a member of the Consultative Assembly of Saudi Arabia and has significantly contributed to medicine, biotechnology, and healthcare in Saudi Arabia.

5. Nyla Al Khaja

Nyla was born and raised in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. She is one of the UAE’s most influential film producers and directors and the founder and CEO of Al Khaja films. She has won over ten awards for her inspirational work in the film industry, focusing on women’s rights.

6. Ahlam Mosteghanemi

Ahlam is a poet, novelist, and writer famous for her outstanding work in the Arabic language. She has an excellent command of French and English and has written numerous books and novels on topics including women’s rights, Algerian resistance for independence, and oppression against women.

7. Sheikha Lubna

Sheikha Lubna is one of the most influential women in the Gulf region. She has worked as a minister of economics and planning, improving the overall structure of the Arabian economy and introducing new methods to streamline financial stability in the region. She is an inspiration for young Arab girls seeking political careers.

8. Dr. Nawal Al Saadawi

Dr. Nawal is the most loved and influential feminist. The Egyptian-born social activist, writer, and psychologist have made substantial efforts to discuss topics like women in Islam, human rights, feminism, and sex. She has won many awards for her outstanding work favoring Egyptian women.

9. Reem Al Hashim

Reem Al Hashim is another influential and inspirational Arab woman who has revolutionized the sociopolitical scenario in the Middle East. She is a managing director at the Office of the UAE prime minister and focuses on international affairs. She is also the chairperson of the Charity Dubai Cares. Al Hashim also hosted the Global Expo in 2020.

10. Joumana Haddad

Joumana Haddad is a journalist, writer, social activist, and feminist. The Lebanese women’s rights activist runs Jasad, an Arabic magazine that publishes articles on feminism and women’s rights. She is also the cultural editor of Nahar Newspaper. She has won several awards for her brilliant literary works and novels.

Final Words

Like other countries, Arabian women have made substantial efforts to stand for their rights and thrive in their respective fields. These inspirational ladies from the Arab region motivate young girls and women to improve their lives and achieve their goals. Until Next Time!

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
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Top 10 Arab Actresses

Who are among the top ten Arab actresses? Why are they famous? Check out this post to read about the best Arab actresses!

Top 10 Arab Actresses

Arab actresses bring life to characters created by scriptwriters and playwrights. The Arab world has the most talented models and actresses with millions of fans worldwide. Today’s article will list the top ten most beautiful and skilled Arab actresses. Read on!

1. Hend Sabry

Hend Sabry is a Tunisian actress who has won many awards. Sabry’s most notable work is Noura’s Dream, for which she won the best actress award at the Carthage Festival. She has appeared in several films and TV serials, making her the most inspiring actress in the Arab world. She also won the Golden Award at the Tunisian Film Festival.

2. Donia Samir Ghanem

Samir Ghanem is a beautiful, attractive, and talented actress. She has performed in various films and TV serials in different roles and genres. She is also a talented singer with a sweet and melodious voice, making her one of the most versatile singers and actresses in the Arab world.

3. Ghada Abdel Razek

Ghada has won many awards, including the best actress award for her role in Hena Mayasara, the best actress award at Alexandria International Film Festival, the best Egyptian actress, and the guest award from the guest magazine in 2018.

4. Yasmin Abdulaziz

Yasmin is an Egyptian-born Arab actress who began her TV career at five. She has worked in various commercials, TV serials, and films. However, she is famous for her modeling and cinematic roles. She has millions of fans across the Arab World.

5. Dorra Zarrouk

Dorra is one of the best actresses in the Arab World. According to Forbes Middle East, Dorra is the most beautiful actress and model in the Middle East. She has appeared in various TV commercials, serials, and films.

6. Mona Zaki

Mona is a beautiful and successful Egyptian actress. She started her acting career at 16 and became famous for her role in “Araby Elfaseh.” Mona’s good looks, beautiful face, and acting skills earned her a name in the showbiz industry.

7. Mai Ezz Eldin

Mai is one of the youngest and most beautiful actresses in the Arab World. She has quickly occupied a prominent position in Egyptian cinema, thanks to her gorgeous looks and acting talent, allowing her to perform the best roles in the film industry.

8. Nesreen Tafesh

Nesreen is another successful Arabian actress who shines and charms in the film industry due to her beautiful face, acting, and singing skills. She is a versatile artist and one of the most prominent celebrities in the Arab world, with millions of fans across the Gulf region.

9. Saba Mubarak

Saba is a beautiful and talented Jordanian actress. She earned a bachelor’s degree in acting, directing, and theater from the University of Yarmouk. She began acting in 1998 and played the best roles in TV serials and short films.

10. Yusra

Yusra is an Egyptian singer and actress famous for her glamorous looks and influential voice in the Arab world. Yusra is an award-winning Arab actress who appeared in over 80 movies and TV serials. She gained popularity in the late 80s and early 90s.

Final Words

The Arab world has some of the best and most talented actresses with skills in TV serials, modeling, commercials, and films. These actresses have earned a reputation for their brilliant performances throughout the years. Until Next Time!

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
  • Photos from Unsplash & canva.

Top 10 inspiring Arab Artists

Who are among the most inspiring Arab artists? What achievements have they made? Check out this post for the essential details!

Top 10 inspiring Arab Artists

Art provides commentary about the Arab culture and makes people’s lives more enjoyable, tolerable, and manageable. There are hundreds of Arab artists. However, not all of them are inspiring and motivational for young people. Today’s article will list some of the most influential Arab artists. Read on!

1. Aisha Mershani

Aisha Mershani captures the daily lives of Palestinians living under the violence of the Israeli occupation, including popular demonstrations, military blockades, house demolitions, and destroyed villages. She is one of the most inspiring Arab Artists for young girls and women to stand for their rights.

2. Helen Zughaib

Helen Zughaib is a multimedia artist and painter. She uses the Middle Eastern background to design her paintings and artwork and showcase them in the western world. Helen lives in Washington DC and is famous for her ink and gouache on canvases and boards.

3. Huda Beydoun

Although Huda originally started in painting, her works include digital art, multimedia, photography, and mixed media. Huda is famous for her aesthetical and bold-style calligraphic paintings and artwork.

4. Ahmed Emad El-Din

El-Din is an Egyptian artist famous for his digital art and paintings. Pink Floyd’s 2014 album showcased Ahmed’s brilliant work. Ahmed started painting and art designs at 13, making him one of the best and self-taught artists in the Arab world.

5. Shurooq Amin

Amin is a media artist born to a Kuwaiti father and Syrian mother. Amin is famous for critically acclaimed exhibitions and feminist voices in the Arab world. Amin has made substantial efforts to combine paintings and photography and master the science of calligraphy.

6. Noha Bahr

Bahr is a pioneering Egyptian artist and visual painter who create digital artwork and beautiful sketches. Bahr creates quirky characters with a touch of classical paintings. She is famous for her children’s storybooks and comic illustrations.

7. Reem Nazir

Reem Nazir is one of the best artists in the Arab World. The Saudi-born Nazir is famous for jewelry paintings, landscapes, and still-life photography, showcasing Arabian art and culture. Nazir uses oil and acrylic paint to create energetic, enthusiastic, and aesthetically pleasing artworks.

8. Nourine Hammad

Nourine Hammad is a self-taught painter and artist famous for her hyper-realistic 3D art. Nourine focuses on painting for real objects and follows a unique approach to creating detailed artworks. She has won many awards for her brilliant artwork and paintings.

9. El Seed

El Seed is a Tunisian artist known for calligraphy, artwork, and painting. El Seed focuses on human rights and depicts feminism in artwork and digital calligraphy. El Seed won the UNESCO prize for his brilliant work promoting the Arab culture, values, and traditions.

10. Tammam Azzam

Tammam is a Syrian artist, painter, and graphic design expert. Azzam has expertise in digital media, visual art, and modern visualizations. In addition, he rose to fame in 2013 after winning several awards for his brilliant artwork and graffiti.

Final Words

Arabian artists have contributed to making the Arab world a better place. These artists use their creative skills through artwork and painting and artifacts and sculptures. Arab artists have earned a massive reputation for their creatively beautiful art pieces. Until Next Time!

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
  • Photos from Unsplash & canva.

Top 10 Arab Authors

Are you looking for the best Arab authors or novelists? If yes, this article is for you. Check out this post to read about the top ten Arab authors!

Top 10 Arab Authors

The best writing of Arab authors comes in various formats, such as books, novels, stories, and scripts. Arab authors focus on dialogue and storytelling and follow a unique approach to mesmerize the reader. Today’s article will highlight the top ten Arab authors. Read on!

1. Joumana Haddad

The Arabian Business Magazine listed Joumana Haddad as one of the most influential Arab women. Haddad is a journalist, author, and women’s rights activist. She is an inspiration for young women and girls, speaking about their rights. In addition, Haddad is the founder of Jasad, an Arabic magazine that published articles on women’s rights in the Arab world.

2. Ahmed Saadawi

Ahmed Saadawi is an Iraqi filmmaker, screenwriter, poet, and writer. The Iraqi author has transformed Arabic poetry via his creative and unique writings. “Anniversary of Bad Songs” is one of Ahmed’s best works. Other notable works are the Beautiful Country, Frankenstein in Baghdad, and Indeed He Dreams or Plays.

3. Ahmed Khaled Tawfik

Ahmed Tawfik is one of the best Arabic-language authors and poets, focusing on the science fiction genre. Tawfik is the first Arab writer who experimented with the medical thriller genre. The Egyptian writer rosed to fame after publishing the best novel “Utopia.”

4. Youssef Ziedan

Youssef Ziedan is another best Arab author who focuses on preserving Arabic heritage through his unique writings. Ziedan has made significant efforts to collaborate with UNESCO, ESCWA, and the League of Arab States to collect ancient Arabic scripts and novels. Ziedan has also authored “Azazel,” one of the best-sellers that won the 2009 IPAF awards. In addition, he has written more than 50 books in the Arabic language.

5. Shukri Mabkhout

Shukri Mabkhout is a Tunisian writer and a professor at the University of Tunis. The writer has influenced Arab people worldwide through his academic and non-fiction works. Mabkhout has also served as Dean of the Faculty of Humanities, Arts, and Culture at Manouba University.

6. Rabee Jaber

Rabee Jaber is among the most influential Lebanese authors, poets, and writers. Jaber has made significant efforts to improve the overall bottom line of Al-Hayat newspaper, contributing to the editorial department of the organization. Jaber is the best editor and author of over 15 novels.

7. Nawal El Saadawi

Nawal El Saadawi is one of the most influential Arab writers. Nawal’s primary focus is non-fiction writing and feminist-based books. The Iraqi novelist “Ali Bader” considers her a pioneering author who stands for the rights of women and eliminates the stereotypes around genders in the Arab World.

8. Ahmed Mourad

Ahmed Mourad is an Egypt novelist, writer, and editor famous for his novels like the Blue Elephant, Vertigo, and Diamond Dust. Mourad is one of the most successful Egyptian novelists and is praised by the entire Arab World for his brilliant contributions to Arabic literature.

9. Saud Alsanousi

Saud Alsanousi has earned numerous awards for his unique literary works and non-fiction writing. Some of his best works are “The Bonsai and the Old Ma” and “The Prisoners of Mirrors.” In addition, Saud has won various competitions.

10. Dunya Mikhail

Dunya Mikhail is a poet, writer, and journalist known for her works “The Beekeeper” and “The Diary of Wave Outside.” She raises critical issues about Arabic women in Iraq and other countries in the Middle East. Her feminist writings and novels have won her various awards and prizes.

Final Words

There are hundreds of Arab authors, writers, poets, and novelists. However, nothing matches the quality of writing and eloquence in the works authored by these writers, making them the best and most influential authors in the Arab World. Until Next Time!

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
  • Photos from Unsplash & canva.

Top 10 inspiring Emirates

Who are the top ten inspiring Emirates? What are their achievements? What makes them an inspiration for others? Read Here!  

10 most inspiring Emirates

Inspiration is beneficial for everyone to explore new possibilities and live a luxurious and financially stable life. It allows people to overcome limitations, experience new opportunities, and make the most of them.

The United Arab Emirates has a diverse population of different ethnicities and religions. The country is a genuine inspiration for people looking to live peaceful and prosperous life.

The UAE has some of the world’s most inspiring personalities and role models for youngsters to follow. Today’s article will list the top ten inspiring Emirates and highlight their accomplishments. Read on!

1. Sheikh Rashid Al Maktoum

Sheikh Rashid Al Maktoum is the leader of Dubai and an inspirational personality with a vision to make the city a modern, luxurious, peaceful, and leading city in the Middle East. Sheikh Rashid’s determination, commitment, and diligence toward Dubai make him a true inspiration for Emirates and foreigners living in Dubai.

2. Sheikh Mohammad bin Zayed Al Nahyan

Sheikh Mohammad bin Zayed is one of the most influential personalities in the UAE and has a keen role in leading the country. The youngster has followed the footsteps of his father and believes that the youth of UAE has the potential to compete against the world in various fields to have a better and bright future.

3. Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed

Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed is another inspirational personality in the UAE with a passion for sports. Hamdan has millions of followers on social media and loves sky diving, horse riding, scuba diving, boxing, and other adventurous activities. Sheikh Hamdan has made substantial efforts to promote sports.

4. Reem Al Hashemi

Reem Al Hashemi has made significant contributions to UAE. That’s why Reem was elected as the minister of state. Reem Al Hashemi hosted the 2020’s Dubai Expo and aimed to make the UAE the leading country in the world. Reem is an inspiration for young people to achieve their dreams and make the country prosperous.

5. Sheikha Lubna Al Qasimi

Sheikha Lubna Al Qasimi is an Emirati politician and a proud member of Sharjah’s ruling family. She was the first female minister in the United Arab Emirates and held prestigious government positions. Al Qasimi is an inspiration for young girls to become leaders of the future.

6. Randa El Asaad

Randa El Asaad is the chief executive officer of the Arif and Bintoak, a reputable engineering and agricultural company that aims to streamline the UAE’s participation in making the world a better place. Randa El Asaad is an inspiration for young women to study technology and become successful entrepreneurs. She has delivered multi-million dollar projects successfully.

7. Mohanad Alwadiya

Mohanad Alwadiya is the CEO of Harbor Real Estate. Alwadiya is known for pioneering efforts streamlining the real estate industry in UAE, particularly Dubai. People call him “The Oracle of Dubai’s Real Estate” and the Wolf of Real Estate. Mohanad Alwadiya has made significant efforts to prosper this industry.

8. Ahmad Bin Essa

Ahmad Bin Essa runs the world-renowned Global Village and welcomes over five million visitors annually. Global Village is home to multi-cultural festival parks, retail stores, restaurants, entertainment centers, and amusement facilities. Ahmad Bin Essa has played a vital role in making Global Village Dubai’s most visited landmark.

9. Abdulla Bin Sulayem

Abdulla Bin Sulayem is another real estate tycoon in the UAE who runs a successful company “Seven Tides.” Sulayem has completed dozens of projects, including Dubai’s most luxurious housing societies and commercial buildings.

10. Mohammed Khammas

Mohammed Khammas is the founder and owner of Al Ahli Plastics, one of the world’s largest comic stores in Dubai Mall. Khammas has also launched a company in Singapore that hosts various events, festivals, and conventions. He is an inspiration for Emirati youth to become profitable entrepreneurs.

Final Words

The UAE has become a political, socioeconomic, and business hub in the Middle East, thanks to the efforts of leaders, policymakers, government officials, businesspeople, entrepreneurs, engineers, doctors, labor force, and everyone else living and working in the country. These are the top ten inspirational personalities in the UAE for youngsters to live prosperous life.

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience, and research.
  • Photos from Unsplash & canva.