Best financial companies in the Arab world

Best financial companies in the Arab world

What is the best financial Company in the Gulf or Arab world? Check out this post to get the list and features that make them the best! Read Here!

Best financial companies in the Arab world

Financial companies in the Arab world provide loans to people and businesses. A finance company may participate in cash deposits from clients like banks. However, the most common services are developing and offering financial products and tools for people and organizations to streamline their operations. Here are the best financial companies in the Arab world. Read on!

KPMG Lower Gulf

KPMG in Lower Gulf provides tax, audit, and advisory services to a wide range of domestic and international clients in all business areas and the economy. It works closely with clients to help them identify opportunities and mitigate risks.

KPMG in Lower Gulf is fortunate to have a network of global members, combining international experience with local knowledge of the industry and the professional skills clients need.


PwC’s goal is to develop trust and solve critical challenges in society. The Company is committed to providing high-quality advisory assurance and tax services to a network of 155 national firms and more than 290,000 employees.

PwC has a 40-year history in the Middle East, with 23 offices in 13 countries and approximately 7,000 employees. It is a member of the PwC Network and one more member firm, each of which is an independent legal entity.

Oliver Wyman

Oliver Wyman is an international leader in consulting and management. With offices in over 60 cities across 25 countries, Oliver Wyman unites profound industry knowledge with dedicated expertise in policy, operations, risk administration, and organization renovation.

The firm has over 6,000 professionals worldwide who work with clients to optimize their business, enhance their operations, reduce the risk profile, and speed up their organizational performance to seize the most attractive prospects.

Boston Consulting Group

Boston Consulting Group is one of the diverse companies with a staff of over 50 nationalities from various commercial and academic fields. Differences in backgrounds, cultures, and knowledge also come with a collective strength that powers a united team.

Team members collaborate cohesively and efficiently with outstanding analytical and social skills and an eagerness to thrive in the workplace. It continues recruiting top Gulf and global candidates

These clients across the gulf region include leading firms in the public sector, financial services, energy, private equity, health care, industrial goods, media, consumer goods, and telecom.

Brain & Company

Bain & Company was established to believe that consultants should provide a measurable and sustainable results, including reports, to their clients. The Middle East experts bring diverse experience and industry knowledge to each engagement. They look at corporations from a chief executive’s point of view and work together with the client as “one team” to accomplish enduring results.

Final Words

Financial companies in the Arab world offer a wide range of services, including examining financial statements, reporting, and managing economic operating systems. These companies offer unique products and services to their clients in different countries of the gulf region. Until Next Time!

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