Best financial companies in the Arab world

What is the best financial Company in the Gulf or Arab world? Check out this post to get the list and features that make them the best! Read Here!

Best financial companies in the Arab world

Financial companies in the Arab world provide loans to people and businesses. A finance company may participate in cash deposits from clients like banks. However, the most common services are developing and offering financial products and tools for people and organizations to streamline their operations. Here are the best financial companies in the Arab world. Read on!

KPMG Lower Gulf

KPMG in Lower Gulf provides tax, audit, and advisory services to a wide range of domestic and international clients in all business areas and the economy. It works closely with clients to help them identify opportunities and mitigate risks.

KPMG in Lower Gulf is fortunate to have a network of global members, combining international experience with local knowledge of the industry and the professional skills clients need.


PwC’s goal is to develop trust and solve critical challenges in society. The Company is committed to providing high-quality advisory assurance and tax services to a network of 155 national firms and more than 290,000 employees.

PwC has a 40-year history in the Middle East, with 23 offices in 13 countries and approximately 7,000 employees. It is a member of the PwC Network and one more member firm, each of which is an independent legal entity.

Oliver Wyman

Oliver Wyman is an international leader in consulting and management. With offices in over 60 cities across 25 countries, Oliver Wyman unites profound industry knowledge with dedicated expertise in policy, operations, risk administration, and organization renovation.

The firm has over 6,000 professionals worldwide who work with clients to optimize their business, enhance their operations, reduce the risk profile, and speed up their organizational performance to seize the most attractive prospects.

Boston Consulting Group

Boston Consulting Group is one of the diverse companies with a staff of over 50 nationalities from various commercial and academic fields. Differences in backgrounds, cultures, and knowledge also come with a collective strength that powers a united team.

Team members collaborate cohesively and efficiently with outstanding analytical and social skills and an eagerness to thrive in the workplace. It continues recruiting top Gulf and global candidates

These clients across the gulf region include leading firms in the public sector, financial services, energy, private equity, health care, industrial goods, media, consumer goods, and telecom.

Brain & Company

Bain & Company was established to believe that consultants should provide a measurable and sustainable results, including reports, to their clients. The Middle East experts bring diverse experience and industry knowledge to each engagement. They look at corporations from a chief executive’s point of view and work together with the client as “one team” to accomplish enduring results.

Final Words

Financial companies in the Arab world offer a wide range of services, including examining financial statements, reporting, and managing economic operating systems. These companies offer unique products and services to their clients in different countries of the gulf region. Until Next Time!

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Best finance startups in the Arab world

What are the best finance startups in the Arab World? What services do they provide? What makes them unique? Read the Details Here!

Best finance startups in the Arab world

Financial startups and companies are critical because they provide platforms and marketplaces for assets and money, allowing businesses to access capital and individuals to stabilize their financial status. Today’s article will list the best finance startups in the Arab World.


Dubai-based Beehive launched the UAE’s first peer-to-peer (P2P) lending platform in 2014, connecting companies seeking financing directly with investors. Since its inception, it has helped about 800 companies receive loans worth about AED 907 million from 15,000 investors.


Founded in Egypt in 2015, Paymob offers a suite of financial technology solutions for online and offline merchants to accept payments from their customers. The payment gateway can connect to a website or mobile app for online merchants using an API. Paymob offers a POS solution for offline merchants to accept in-store card payments.


Rasan is the technology company, Saudi Arabia’s first insurance technology platform. It allows retail customers to compare coverage and premiums and select and pay for their chosen policy at once through an instant policy.

Tarabut Gateway

Tarabut Gateway is one of the largest regulated open banking platforms connecting banks to a regional network of fintech companies through a universal application programming interface. The platform allows third-party financial service providers to develop new applications and access financial data and services, enabling banks to accelerate partnerships while reducing costs.


Sarwa is a UAE-based investment platform that offers individuals low-cost, diversified portfolios and access to on-demand investment professionals. The company claims to have more than 20,000 users of its platform. In 2021, it launched Sarwa Trade, a trading platform for individual clients in the UAE that offers zero commission and transfer fees for dirham accounts.


Expensya is a Tunisian-French startup offering an expense management platform to simplify expense reporting. The company’s platform automates accounting, simplifies the management of professional expense reports, and provides secure dematerialization. More than 400,000 customers use the company’s services.


Foodics is a food and beverage technology startup from Saudi Arabia founded in 2014 to provide a retail management platform and cloud-based point of sales for retailers in the MENA region. It processes more than five billion orders through its platform, over 50,000 terminals, and serves over 10,000 brands.


Telr is a payment gateway provider founded in 2014. The startup offers tools and APIs that allow users to accept and manage online payments, mobile, and social media. The platform processes payments in various currencies and 30 languages, and supported services include Mastercard, Visa, UnionPay, American Express, PayPal, Apple Pay, Sadad, STC Pay, and Mada.

Bit Oasis

BitOasis is the largest cryptocurrency platform serving individual customers in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries and has plans to expand into the broader MENA market. The startup allows investors and traders to exchange and trade twenty cryptocurrencies and currently operates in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Jordan, Egypt, and Morocco.

Pay Tabs

Pay Tabs is a startup company that provides a payment acceptance and management system for e-commerce operators, startups, and online businesses. It processes multi-currency transactions securely and reliably. With an API plugin, Pay Tabs facilitates integration so merchants in various industries can use innovative features, such as plug-and-play on their websites.

Final Words

The financial startups and companies are the primary drivers of the Arab World’s economy, providing a free flow of liquidity and capital in the marketplace. These top ten startups have gained a significant reputation for their unique financial products and services. Until Next Time!

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
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