Top 10 Tech Startups in the Arab World

Top 10 Tech Startups in the Arab World

What are the best tech startups in the Arab World? What services do they offer? Why are these the best companies? Read the details in this post!

Top 10 Tech Startups in the Arab World

Tech startups in the Arab World are small companies and play a critical role in economic development and growth. These startups are centers of innovation, offering unique solutions to various problems faced by individuals and businesses across the Arab World. Today’s article will highlight the top ten tech startups in the Arab World. Read on!

1. Keep Face

Keep Face is a startup founded in 2017 based in Dubai, UAE. The company offers a SaaS-based solution for companies to interact and engage with influencers in a marketplace format. Companies can enhance their marketing capabilities by collaborating with influencers who are relevant to the company’s product offering.

2. 99Starz

The company operates in the blockchain sector, allowing gamers to play video games on the blockchain and earn income for their efforts. It makes gameplay more realistic and exciting for gamers around the World. In addition, this is accomplished through NFT’s profitable endeavors.

3. Remote Pass

The company offers a SaaS solution that allows corporations to better control their remote teams, making it easier to pay, recruit, hire, and manage them no matter their location. Despite being a fledgling company, Remote Path has successfully raised funds to expand its operations.

4. GrubTech

GrubTech offers a comprehensive SaaS solution for the digital transformation of the kitchen. It is made possible by a POS system that makes it easier for restaurants to sell to customers. The platform also includes analytical capabilities allowing users to better understand their data.

5. Faceki

With growing concerns about identity theft and security, the need for authentic self-authentication methods is critical. Faceki, founded in March 2020, is a facial recognition and identity verification platform that enables companies to identify and connect users. It operates authenticated live and fake facial recognition technology using machine learning and artificial intelligence.

6. Mozare3

Egyptian startup Mozare3 aims to provide micro-credit to people and connect them to the gig economy amid the surge in mobile payments accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. The company aims to be a one-stop shop where people can digitally conduct financial transactions such as sending money, paying bills, and purchasing goods and services.

7. Gahez

Gahez, an Egyptian tech company, operates as an online marketplace that facilitates interaction between manufacturers and retailers and enhances the online shopping experience. It serves over 19,000 retailers in Egypt, offering a variety of products from over 150 manufacturers and suppliers.

8. Seez

Seez provides users with an Artificial intelligence-integrated platform for purchasing cars from official dealers and private resellers. Seez is one of the World’s largest online car sales sites, with 1.6 million users and approximately 500,000 vehicles.

9. MindTales

MindTales is part of Abu Dhabi’s business ecosystem, which aims to make mental health more comprehensive using machine learning and artificial intelligence. MindTales launched an online version of its digital counseling and wellness course app. The impact on everyone’s mental health is undeniable and prevails in the post-Covid-19 environment.

10. Cura

Cura is a digital startup company dedicated to solving the healthcare access problem and changing how people meet with doctors today. The app allows users to contact a doctor on their smartphone without the need to make an appointment or visit the doctor’s office. It will enable you to choose a doctor based on their reputation, expertise, and the opinions of others.

Final Words

Tech startups in the Arab World tap into new markets and improve the region’s overall economy by developing innovative products and contributing to job creation. Until Next Time!


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